December EDC Pouch & Pocket Rack Loadout: What would you add to it?


The selection of tools for this December 2023 EDC pouch loadout is based on having a compact mini set of good quality functional tools and accessories that I can carry on my person in a pouch that is 4.25" by 3.25" by 1.75". I selected these tools to help me fix things around the house and when traveling for work. I also want them to help me resolve any "in need of repair" issues that I may run into in an urban environment as well as helping to fix similar repair issues for my family and friends and maybe someone I just met in a parking lot who has a bad battery cable and needs some assistance to get home. This loadout is what I came up with and I'm looking for suggestions to improve it that take into account the limited space of the pouch and the very broad goals that I've outlined above.

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